Another Australian senator quits over dual citizenship

Last Updated: Jul 18 2017 15:55
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AUSTRALIA- A week after senator Scott Ludlam resigned over dual citizenship issue, another Australian senator quit office today.

Greens party senator Larissa Waters, who made history by becoming the first politician to breastfeed in Australian parliament, resigned after learning she has dual citizenship of Australia and Canada.

Australian law does not allow people with multiple citizenships to run for federal office.

"I was devastated to learn that because of 70-year-old Canadian laws I had been a dual citizen from birth, and that Canadian law changed a week after I was born and required me to have actively renounced Canadian citizenship," she said.

She only came to realise about her honest mistake after Mr Ludlam's incident.

The Senator was just 11 months old when her Australian parents brought her to their native country.

Visibly devastated, Ms Waters said, "All of this happened before I could even say my first word."

(Image Courtesy: Reuters)