Salutes to first Indian Prime minister on his 132nd birth day.

India is celebrating her first prime minister's birthday. Known as Pt Jawaharlal Nehru. The visionary leader and honoured by world community. Here is a master piece written by Ashwani Shankar.

Today on 14th November 2021 India celebrates the 132nd birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru who is loved and admired by his countrymen for the sacrifices he made for Indian independence and the ideals he stood and lived for.

These ideals of modern, secular, democratic (universal adult franchise), inclusive and equality to which he devoted his life shaped the future of independent India which had just emerged out of almost 200 years of severe colonial exploitation and structural disruptions.

The reconstruction of India under his leadership as the Prime Minister is well documented but it is necessary that we remind ourselves time and again of these achievements whether in the field of economy, society, polity, science and technology, education and health, social justice and inclusive growth.

We need to constantly remind ourselves of the legacy of our freedom struggle and the ideas that emerged from this great struggle for which our forefathers sacrificed everything including their lives. When we celebrate this day,the 14th November, we celebrate all these sacrifices, ideas and ideals, the emergence of modern India as an independent nation and its economic, social and political reconstruction guided by the principle of consensus among stakeholders in the best tradition of a democratic polity.

When we celebrate this day we also celebrate the courage with which he fought communal forces. Let us not forget that the communalists stayed away from the freedom struggle and chose to do the bidding of colonial power so much so that they refused to celebrate independence and showed disrespect to generations of Indians who sacrificed and even laid their lives for this independence.

The communalists have not changed a bit and have resurfaced in the recent past with the same venom of denigrating Indian freedom struggle and resulting independence. They, in the same vein, denigrate the reconstruction of India. It is important that we celebrate 14th November every year to reiterate and resolve to take forward the ideals Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru represented and thereby check the advances the communalists have made in the recent past.  

टाटा, बिरला से लेकर अंबानी तक धनकुबेर होने के बदलते प्रतीक चिंह !

देश की आज़ादी से पहले भी नगर सेठ होते थे और दिल्ली में लाला छुन्नामाल जैसे बहुत से नाम इज्जत से इतिहास का हिस्सा हैं जो मुगलिया तख्त को भी पैसा उधार देने की कुव्वत रखते थे। ...