Cheema urges AICC President to Intervene and send Special Observers.

(Party Discipline need to be maintained)

Senior Congress Leader and Former Vice President Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee & Member AICC Sh.MM Singh Cheema, has taken up the matter with Congress High Command of inner party rumblings which is coming to public domain via. Print & Electronic Media and are seriously harming the interest of Congress Party in the crucial time when Government is fighting the COVID-19 Pandemic Battle and Assembly Elections are around the corner.

Mr. Cheema said all those selective media leads which are emerging requires urgent redressal, as state party unit was dissolved in January, 2020 with all the State Office Bearers, District Congress Committees, Block Congress Committees were dissolved by the direction of AICC. This situation would not have risen had there been a Regular PPCC President and closer coordination between the Party and the Government.

Mr. Cheema stated in the backdrop of the resolution adopted in yesterday concluded Central Congress Working Committee to take stock of the situation in view of the Party rumblings in recently concluded assembly elections of Kerala, Assam, West Bengal & Tamil Nadu and developments in Punjab are of concern.

Mr. Cheema in a letter requested Congress President Smt.Sonia Gandhi to issue directions urgently to all the congress men whether in the Government , Legislature or in the party to not to air their differences, perception and issues of concern in the media where it is widely construed that these are the motivated information leaks and clash of egos of certain leaders. A Strict party discipline need to be maintained via appointing a new Punjab Pradesh Congress  Committee President and Party Setup as the present situation is leaving a bad impression in the masses, as why these leaders kept mum when they were in the Government or in the party over the actions or inactions and implementation of election promises made during the 2017 election campaigns of which they were very much the part.               

Mr.Cheema in a letter written , urged AICC President Smt.Sonia Gandhi to depute a very senior Party functionary as Special Observer for Punjab to discuss with Chief Minister Punjab Captain Amarinder Singh to hear out all concerned and resolve these totally uncalled for public outbursts and in the meantime issue one direction that everything need to be discussed in party forum and as all those people holding parleys on different forums with different leader is not the proper way to show their concern as there is a well laid out party structure including Congress Legislative Party , Full House of PCC Delegates and National Party Setup with state incharges and there is no doubt that state party unit is defunct from last many months and many issues were left unanswered and unresolved.

Mr. Cheema said the way certain leaders who are holding responsible position in Government and State and Central Legislative Party and their present stature is just because of Party , there conduct is leaving a bad taste in the mind of the masses which need to be checked at the earliest.