Cheema strongly object to Rigid Stand of NDA Govt,appeal to follow earlier precedents of withdrawing Ordinances

Veteran Trade Unionist and Senior Congress leader MR. MM Singh Cheema  Member AICC today strongly took objection of the rigid stand taken by Government of India regarding withdrawal of the 3 Farm Bills, sheer out of self-centric approach of Government of India guided by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a bad precedent in a democratic country.

Mr. Cheema stated, when Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition Rehabilitation and Resettlement RFCTLARR Act 2013 was amended by NDA Govt. and specific ordinance was issued as there was a great fear in the country and then Congress Leader in Parliament Sh. Rahul Gandhi criticised the Government in Lok Sabha on April 20, 2015 against implementation of this draconian law in the present form subsequently Prime Minister let that ordinance to expire and a day before announced in his televised address the same.

Mr.Cheema stated this is exactly more chaotic situation with these 3 agri ordinances which were issued unilaterally without any consultation  with the stakeholder and subsequently passed in the Lok Sabha with the brute majority and in Rajya Sabha with bulldozing the democratic norms without any discussion and the demand for division of vote on the Bill was out rightly rejected, despite the public statement of Prime Minister Modi one even a single voice in the country will be heard against anything and any law, incidentally in the Rajya Sabha entire Opposition led by Congress Party were demanding the division of votes which  clearly showed double speak of the Prime Minister and now you see the upheaval on the roads with Lakhs of farmers are campaigning on the outskirts of the national Capital, despite their peaceful protest Govt. of India has refused to recognize the opposition to these 3 farms bills and the protest which started in the month of September 2020 wholeheartedly with rail blockage while campaigning on the rail tracks, toll plazas and blocking the State and National Highways nothing moved with Govt. of India.
Mr. Cheema further stated that the way Govt. of India is trying to belittle the farmer agitation is going to create a bad image of the largest democracy in the world globally which has really started happening with the Canadian Prime Minister taking the lead and public representative of various Houses globally.  Though we strongly object to these kind of interference in our internal affairs but it is really damaging the image of the country. 

Mr. Cheema himself a progressive farmer of repute since ages and introduced sun flowers for diversification way back in 70s is a strong advocate of pursuing the farm activities for national food security. Amidst a wild threat of drought in next few years it is high time for Govt. of India to come forward to negotiate with the farmers to withdraw these Bills if need be this can be discussed in a special  session of Parliament which is the need of the hour. 
Mr. Cheema had already taken up the issue with All India Congress Committee President Smt. Sonia Gandhi and all stakeholders have been sensitized to strengthen the farmer cause with open support to the farmer agitation.