Cheema strongly criticize PM for irresponsible language, seek unconditional apology

Veteran Trade Unionist and Senior Congress Leader M.M.Singh cheema strongly criticised the low level of language used by Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding  Farming community during his political rallies in Bihar Today terming the nationwide agitation of farming community as a agitation of middleman which is totally uncalled for and just do not reflect the level of a Political leader who is Prime Minister India which is one of the largest Democracy of the world.
Mr.Cheema termed it adding insult to injury to the Farming community after more than 3 weeks of agitating farmers sitting on National Highways and railway Tracks demanding justice and showing their resentment to 3 hurriedly passed Agricultural Bills by Modi Govt. without following well established democratic norms.
Mr.Cheema stated while the Blunder done by BJP National President Mr.J.P.Nadda yesterday at BJP Headquarters in New Delhi while addressing BJP sponsored small group of Farmers  terming the Countrywide spread Agri. Agitation as Congress Party Led opposition sponsored Bicholia Agitation and terming 3 Agricultural Bills as end of slavery era in Modern India every sensible Indian was expecting an apology from Mr.Nadda or intervention by Prime Minister to clarify his position on statement, unfortunately  it turned out to be a well laid out BJP strategy to demean the farming community and pushing them to the lowest ebb to demoralise.
Mr.Cheema said thi sis the same  ommunity which faught wars and invaders and wholeheartedly contributed to central foodgrain pool and instigation like these will lead to further sharpening of attack which will lead to disastrous situation for the country. It is high time for Prime Minister to clarify his position by tendering unconditional apology to Farmers of this great nation which is some how controlling their anger despite all instigation by ruling regime.