Cheema Terms insensitivity of Modi Govt. on farmers issue a disaster in Making for nation.

Veteran Trade Unionist and Senior Congress Leader Sh.M.M.Singh Cheema strongly criticised the insensitive & careless attitude of Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi led NDA Government of not even bothering to open a dialogue with Farming Stakeholders and termed this insensitivity as disaster in making for this great nation which has been icon of peaceful Satyagrehs and fighting against the mighty intruding forces.
 Mr. Cheema said Central Governments negative attitude towards lakhs of Farmers led by Farming Organisations and various opposition parties led by Indian National Congress supported Nationwide Bandhs and Rail Roko Campaign even after 10 days of passing the draconian Agricultural Bills by bypassing the established Constitutional norms of consensus and over riding the constitutional rights of Member Parliaments of asking for Votes on these 3 Agri culture Bills where future of Indian Agriculture and 72 % employment opportunities of Indian Population is getting crushed.
Mr.Cheema expressed his apprehension of emergence of scenario of hopelessness from NDA in all agricultural stakeholders of Farmers, Farm Workers, Agricultural Implements manufacturers and repairers , Aarhtias, Mandi Labour, Shopkeepers, commercial Transport Unions to name a few.
Mr.Cheema stated NDA Regime is so immune to Public upheaval that coming days will be very disastrous for Agriculture community and democratic systems of well established Indian Democracy itself is in danger now.