North Korean leader Kim Jong Un threatens 'shocking actual action' against US

Last Updated: Jan 01 2020 15:48
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Weeks after threatening to deliver an unpleasant “Christmas gift’’ that never materialized, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un says he’s ready to take “shocking actual action.’’

Frustrated with the slow pace of nuclear-disarmament negotiations with the U.S. that may bring his country relief from economic sanctions, Kim cautioned that he’ll soon reveal a new strategic weapon.

North Korea’s state media reported on Wednesday that Kim made the comments during a four-day meeting of the ruling Workers’ Party in the capital city of Pyongyang, where he said the secretive country will never give up its security for economic benefits as it faces what Kim described as increasing U.S. hostility and nuclear threats.

“He said that we will never allow the impudent U.S. to abuse the DPRK-U.S. dialogue for meeting its sordid aim but will shift to a shocking actual action to make it pay for the pains sustained by our people so far and for the development so far restrained,” the Korean Central News Agency said, referring to the North by its formal name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“If the U.S. persists in its hostile policy toward the DPRK, there will never be the denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula and the DPRK will steadily develop necessary and prerequisite strategic weapons for the security of the state until the U.S. rolls back its hostile policy,” Kim said, according to the agency.