Hong Kong protests could also take place in Singapore, warns Minister

Last Updated: Nov 19 2019 20:01
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Singapore’s Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said that the increasing violence between pro-democracy protesters and police had pushed Hong Kong to “breaking point,” warning a similar situation could “easily happen” in his country if the government is complacent.

Speaking to reporters from his offices in the city-state on Monday, the trade minister said Singapore should heed the lessons from what has occurred in Hong Kong, especially while “Singapore’s relevance to the world is never a given.”

“Unless calm is restored, dialogue commences and constructive actions are taken, there will be grave doubts about Hong Kong’s future and the sustainability of its current governance model,” local media reported him as saying. “What has happened in Hong Kong can easily happen to Singapore if we are complacent or not careful.”

Chan said political leaders should put the people’s interests ahead of those of the party, while governments should focus on long-term issues, not just “the here and now.”

“City-states that are unexceptional will also not last long in history,” he said, urging against the use of violence to resolve conflicts.