4 rockets fired from Syria intercepted- Israeli military

Last Updated: Nov 19 2019 19:56
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On Tuesday, the Israeli military said that it intercepted 4 incoming rockets from Syria and explosions were heard shortly after that in Damascus, a week after another Israeli strike targeted a top Palestinian militant in the Syrian capital.

According to the military, Israeli air defence systems captured the missiles and no harm was caused to Israeli communities in the Golan Heights after warning sirens awoke residents there early in the morning. 

There was no immediate official comment from Syria but the SANA state news agency reported explosions were heard near Damascus International Airport, indicating a potential Israeli retaliatory strike.

The Israeli military would not comment on the explosions in Syria, but Defense Minister Naftali Bennett was convening the top military brass in Tel Aviv to discuss the latest developments.

Speaking on Israel Army Radio, Foreign Minister Israel Katz was equally vague, saying only that “Israel will act in the way it sees fit.”