China to replace Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam: Report

Last Updated: Oct 23 2019 18:58
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The Financial Times on Wednesday reported that Beijing is drawing up a plan to remove Hong Kong’s beleaguered chief executive Carrie Lam, after nearly five months of pro-democracy unrest.

The pro-Beijing leader has faced sustained criticism from protesters in the semi-autonomous city.

So far the central government in Beijing has given its support to her and the Hong Kong police, calling the demonstrators “rioters” and condemning the violence.

As per the FT report, which quoted unnamed figures briefed on the deliberations, the Chinese government is drawing up a plan to replace her with an interim chief executive.

However, sources told the newspaper that the plan would be dependent on the situation in the city first stabilising so that Beijing is not seen as giving in to violence.

Lam’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the report.