India needs more games and competitions for better future: AIFF technical director

Last Updated: Sep 30 2019 18:24
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FOOTBALL- The All India Football Federation (AIFF) technical director Isac Doru says the players need to play more games and compete more to build a better footballer future.

“The states covered by development officers gives us opportunity to cover a larger area and a larger number of people. This larger reach can only be capitalised upon if more competitions are held, giving the footballers across all levels more opportunities to play the game and improve themselves,” said Doru.

“We need more competitions. We need more games to build a better future. I read a lot about training techniques, and this and that. But the harsh reality is that we need our footballers to play more games, to play more competitions. A larger reach will certainly help us attain that.”

“We still have 55 per cent of the population where there is no footballing activity. We need to think how we can expand, how we can make football more popular,” he added.