Sumit Nagal hopes to get financial support after US Open debut

Last Updated: Sep 12 2019 14:58
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TENNIS- Indian youngster Sumit Nagal who became a household name after winning a set against Roger Federer in the first round of the US Open says is still struggling to find sponsors.

Indian tennis great Mahesh Bhupathi was the first to discover Nagal in 2005 and sponsored him initially and after struggling for more than a decade, he finally found some stability when the Virat Kohli Foundation approached him and offered him a scholarship.

Nagal has said no new sponsors have approached him since the US Open match.

"I definitely hope (to get more support)," said Nagal, who is currently ranked 174 in the world. "Nothing has changed for me. I am still playing tournaments I am supposed to play.

"I will try to get my rank as high as possible before the Australian Open."