Iran will never talk directly to the United States- Hassan Rouhani

Last Updated: Sep 03 2019 19:30
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Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani has ruled out ever holding bilateral talks with the US.

"There have been a lot of offers for talks but our answer will always be negative," Rouhani told MPs.

But he said Iran would agree to resume multilateral talks if all US sanctions on Iran were lifted.

United States President Donald Trump has said he is open to renegotiating a 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and world powers which Trump unilaterally abandoned last year, reinstating sanctions.

Rouhani has threatened a third, unspecified step unless European countries take action by Thursday to shield the Iranian economy from the sanctions' effects.

At the G7 summit last week, French President Emmanuel Macron said he was "convinced that an agreement" could be found if the US and Iranian presidents were to meet.

Trump said Iranians were "hurting badly" and that he thought Rouhani was "going to want to meet and get their situation straightened out".