Hayley Atwell happy with Peggy Carter-Captain America love story arc

Last Updated: Aug 19 2019 13:38
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HOLLYWOOD- Actress Hayley Atwell who played SHIELD agent Peggy Carter in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) says she is happy with the way her and Captain America’s love story ended in Avengers: Endgame.

In Endgame, Steve Rogers aka Captain America returns to the past to live a happy life with Carter.

"I feel really fulfilled. It was a great time, and I think they ended it beautifully with 'Endgame'. It feels like a fitting end to that narrative,” Atwell told The Hollywood Reporter.

Atwell credited director duo Anthony and Joe Russo for giving a "tasteful" end to the love story.

“I thought the tone of it, to end there, after some extraordinary things of trauma, action, effects and powers... to just have two people slow-dancing was very beautiful.”