Protests erupt in Tokyo against 2020 Olympics

Last Updated: Jul 25 2019 15:53
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TOKYO- More than 100 people gathered in Tokyo to protest against the 2020 Olympics.

On Wednesday, Tokyo began the one year countdown to the Olympic Games and also unveiled the designs of the Olympic medals.

Among the protestors there were few from Paris and Los Angeles, Olympic hosts in 2024 and 2028 respectively.

The protestors argue that Olympics contribute to poverty and harm the environment and should be banned across the world.

"I want to strongly appeal that the Olympics should be banned not only in Tokyo but everywhere, and it is unnecessary for the global citizens," said protestor Toshio Miyazaki.

They also argued that the money spent on the Games would be better used elsewhere.

The Olympic Games run from July 24 - Aug. 9 next year.