Spider-Man Far From Home actor says producers spoilt Endgame for him

Last Updated: Jul 09 2019 16:50
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HOLLYWOOD- Actor Tony Revolori who plays Flash Thompson in Spider-Man Far From Home has revealed that the producers of the film shared some of the pivotal moments of Avengers Endgame with him even as the main cast was kept in oblivion.

Revolori said he along with other Far From Home cast was told about Avengers spoilers so that they could perform their jobs accordingly.

"We were all sat down in a room, at least I was, and Eric Carroll came in and told most of the cast what happens in Endgame, so I had known things that happened in Endgame before some of the Endgame actors themselves," said Revolori.

He added, "We shot that a year before it [Endgame] came out so we had to figure all that out and they had to tell us all about it, which was great but also a little bit sad that I didn't get to experience that in the theater like everyone else."

Spider-Man Far From Home follows the events of Avengers Endgame.