United States President Donald Trump reveals Mexico migrant plan by waving document around

Last Updated: Jun 12 2019 18:16
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United States President, Donald Trump has inadvertently revealed some details of his immigration deal with Mexico.

He refused to discuss the plans with reporters, saying they were "secret".

But he said this while waving around a sheet of paper that had the specifics of the deal written on it - which was then photographed by news media.

President Trump made tightening the border with Mexico a major campaign pledge and the agreement averted his threat to impose tariffs on Mexico.

The document suggested that Mexico had agreed to a deadline by which it had to show its efforts at halting the movement of migrants had worked.

If the US determined that the measures had "not sufficiently achieved results in addressing the flow of migrants", Mexico would then take stronger legal action.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard confirmed that Mexico had 45 days to show it was able to stem the flow of US-bound migrants by strengthening its southern border.

It is now deploying 6,000 National Guard personnel to the border with Guatemala.

"You go to the south and the first thing you ask yourself is: 'Right, where's the border?' There's nothing," he said on Tuesday. "The idea is to make the south like the north as far as possible."