Give up your phones, Get free Pizza at US restaurant

Last Updated: Jun 11 2019 14:49
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A Fresno Curry Pizza Company outlet in California, USA is offering free pizzas to those who are willing to let go of their phones to have a peaceful meal.

Under its “Talk to Each Other Discount," Fresno is offering free pizzas to a group of at least four people who ditch their smartphones while they are having a meal.

“Our goal is to get families/friends to stop using their phones while eating and talk to each other and communicate more. If you like you may receive a free large (per group) on your next visit (must be at least 24 hours) or you can donate your free large pizza to the needy. We donate pizzas to the homeless in downtown Fresno every month, so we would add your donated pizza along with the many others or you could do it yourself,” the pizzeria said on its Facebook page.

Fresno so far has already given away nearly 40-50 pizzas.