North Korea suffers its worst drought in decades

Last Updated: May 16 2019 19:43
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Nort Korea said that it is suffering its worst drought in 37 years and called on its citizens to "battle" against the crop damage caused by it.

It comes after the United Nations said that up to 10 million North Koreans were "in urgent need of food assistance".

The UN report said that North Koreans had been surviving on just 300g (10.5 oz) of food a day so far this year.

In the 1990s, a devastating famine is believed to have killed hundreds of thousands of North Koreans.

There is no indication as yet that this drought will be as severe, but it follows a slew of warnings about poor harvests and crop damage across the country.

"As yet it's not really clear how bad things are as, with everything related to North Korea, the data is hardly transparent," Oliver Hotham from NK News told the BBC.

The country's leading newspaper Rodong Sinmun added that "water is needed now more than ever", saying the country was in a "fierce battle" to prevent drought damage.

"Workers in the agriculture sector must... storm to thoroughly protect farm fields from drought damage," it said.