Man fined Rs 1.25 lakh for tossing cigarette butt at railway station

Last Updated: May 15 2019 16:22
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KENT- A man has reportedly been fined £1,400 fine (over 1.25 lakh rupees) after he was caught on camera tossing a cigarette butt to the ground at the Ashford International railway station in Kent.

John Wilson, 56, was initially fined £75 by a council enforcement officer but the penalty was increased to £1,400 after he failed to pay the original fine and the subsequent increased fine of £280.

To the revised fine, the amount of £1,000 was added after he unsuccessfully appealed the fine at the Canterbury Crown Court last week.

The man will have to use his benefits over the next 18 months to pay the inflated £1,380 final total, according to Daily Star.