Chinese man detained for giving illegal names to his dog

Last Updated: May 15 2019 16:19
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ANHUI- A man in China’s eastern Anhui Province has been detained for giving illegal names to his dog.

The dog breeder surnamed Ban who is said to be in his early 30s named two of his dogs as Chengguan and Xieguan but did not know that these are official names.

In China, "Chengguan" are officials employed in urban areas to tackle low-level crime, and "Xieguan" are informal community workers such as traffic assistants.

An investigation has been launched against the man. He will have to spend 10 days in an administrative detention centre in the city of Xiangyang.

Ban said he regretted his actions. "I didn't know the law; I didn't know this was illegal."

China’s social media users have expressed shock over Ban’s arrest and are questioning the logic behind his detention.