A Reddit user says he knows Spider-Man: Far From Home ending

Last Updated: May 14 2019 19:24
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HOLLYWOOD- A Reddit user, who claims to have been involved in the production of upcoming film Spider-Man: Far From Home, says he knows the ending of the movie.

The trailer for the movie has been released and shows Nick Fury aka Samuel Jackson recruiting Peter Parker (Tom Holland) for a new mission. In the trailer, Peter teams up with a hero from another dimension: Mysterio/Quentin Blake (Jake Gyllenhaal) to help defeat the threat from another dimension--The Elementals.

The Reddit user named u/RoyG575 has claimed that the movie will have both a mid-credits scene and a post-credits scene.

Not to spoil it for the fans who are eagerly awaiting the film release, the Reddit user has indeed made some stunning revelations. It remains to be seen whether these are true or not.