American Airlines to ground 737 Max fleet until August 19

Last Updated: Apr 15 2019 13:37
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WASHINGTON- American Airlines will scrap some 115 flights daily as its fleet of Boeing 737 MAX planes is being grounded until August 19.

A Boeing 737 Max plane crashed on March 10 killing 157 people, five months after another crash involving the plane claimed precious lives.

As Boeing is facing scrutiny over the crashes, American Airlines is keeping its fleet of 737 MAX grounded as part of a global call that has barred the planes from flying since mid-March.

“These 115 flights represent approximately 1.5 per cent of American’s total flying each day this summer,” American Airlines chairman and CEO Doug Parker said in a statement about scrapping the flights.

“Based upon our ongoing work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Boeing, we are highly confident that the MAX will be recertified prior to this time (August 19),” he said.

Another US airlines, Southwest Airlines, has grounded its fleet of 737 MAX until August 4.