Hamas says ceasefire reached after Israel exchange of fire

Last Updated: Mar 26 2019 13:52
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Al Jazeera reported, Hamas, a Palestinian militant group that controls Gaza, claimed that a ceasefire agreement had been reached with Israel on Monday night after an exchange of fire.

Israel is yet to comment on the reported truce.

Palestinian security officials and Hamas media outlets said, one of the targets hit was a Hamas naval position west of Gaza City, and another was a large Hamas training camp in northern Gaza.

“Egyptian efforts succeeded with a ceasefire between the occupation and the resistance factions,” Hamas spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum said.

There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries due to those rockets.

The ceasefire claim came after Israeli air strikes hit the office of Hamas’s leader and dozens of other targets across the Gaza Strip on Monday evening.

Monday’s exchange of fire began after seven Israelis were wounded in a rocket strike near a village north of Tel Aviv. Israel had blamed Hamas for the strike. The Gaza health ministry said five Palestinians were later wounded in retaliatory strikes, reported Reuters.

According to the joint statement issued by Gaza's armed groups, The reported ceasefire agreement comes after multiple rockets were fired from the Gaza strip towards Israel on Monday evening.

This was in response to Israeli air strikes that pounded Hamas positions in Gaza.

 Israel Foreign Ministry claimed Hamas had launched 30 rockets from Gaza since the reported ceasefire.

Israel has long said it holds Hamas responsible for all violence from Gaza, controlled by the group since 2007.