China destroys 30,000 ‘incorrect’ world maps for not showing Arunachal in its territory

Last Updated: Mar 26 2019 13:08
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According to a media report, Customs officials in China have destroyed 30,000 world maps printed in the country for not mentioning Arunachal Pradesh and Taiwan as part of its territory.

China claims the north-eastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh as part of South Tibet. China routinely objects to Indian leaders visiting Arunachal Pradesh to highlight its stand.

India maintains that the State of Arunachal Pradesh is integral and inalienable part of the country and Indian leaders visit Arunachal Pradesh from time to time, just as they visit other parts of the country.

The two countries have so far held 21 rounds of talks to resolve the border dispute covering 3,488-km-long Line of Actual Control (LAC).

China also claims the estranged island of Taiwan as its part.

Global Times reported the maps were meant for export to an unspecified country, state-run.

Liu Wenzong, a professor from the Department of International Law of China Foreign Affairs University said, "What China did in the map market was absolutely legitimate and necessary because sovereignty and territorial integrity are the most important things to a country. Both Taiwan and South Tibet are parts of China's territory which is sacred and inviolable based on the international law."