Going ‘Under’ for a dinner: Europe’s first underwater restaurant opens in Norway

Last Updated: Mar 24 2019 16:27
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According to the reports, Europe's first underwater restaurant opened on Wednesday, with more than 7,000 diners already booked in to eat among the fishes – at a cost of €380 per head.

The restaurant, sitting at the tip of Norway's southern coast and partly submerged in the North Sea, is called under – which also means "wonder" in Norwegian.

Architecture firm Snøhetta is bringing the restaurant to life next March, with Danish chef Nicolai Ellitsgaard leading the charge on the food front. When a restaurant costs 6 million dollars to build, the spread has to measure up.

Ellitsgaard plans to serve a 15- to an 18-course set menu filled with local ingredients like sea arrow grass, salty sea kale, Norwegian berries and mushrooms.

On the restaurant's website, the chef says the "local treasures" will be fermented, pickled, dried or otherwise preserved as the seasons change. Seafood is, of course, a given, but Ellitsgaard also plans to use seabirds, sheep, and other meat in his dishes.

A full 18-course meal, based on local ingredients and seafood, can cost up to €380 per person.

There are only a handful of underwater restaurants around the world, mainly found in tropical waters such as the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.