Holi 2019: What’s brewing this Holi?

Last Updated: Mar 17 2019 17:12
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The Hindu religious festival Holi is all about colour, but it’s also an excuse to eat foods that awaken the senses and keep your spirits high.

Although traditional Holi delicacies vary from region to region and family to family, we’ve included a few important snacks and drinks to enjoy during your celebration.

In fact, this is one festival, wherein the entire family comes together to prepare for the festival. However, the true essence of Holi lies in relishing those traditional delicacies and playing with colours.

Interestingly, every region has something unique to offer and when it comes to Holi, you can actually witness the diversity in the various cultures and customs, and what unites the people of this country is undeniably good food.

So get out, throw brightly colored powder everywhere, enjoy a bhaang-laced glass of thandai, and eat yourself silly.


On Holi, the refreshment is traditionally served with the addition of bhaang (a derivative of marijuana).”

Dahi Wada

Made with urad dal and moong dal, this Holi delicacy is basically deep fried dumplings that are soaked in thick yogurt and topped with red chilli, chat masala and cumin powder along with tangy tamarind chutney.



Gujiya/ Gujhiya or Gujia are a traditional North Indian dessert specially made for the festival like Holi and Diwali. Gujhiya are khoya/ Mawa (thickened milk), nuts, dry fruits and sugar-filled pastries; flavoured with cardamoms and deep fried. Traditionally gujhiya are deep fried in pure ghee but feel free to use refined oil instead of ghee if you have any dietary restrictions.


With its origin in Bihar/Jharkhand, Dhuska is a simple snack recipe made with rice flour and chana dal. It is best served with aloo curry and green chutney. It is crunchy and mildly sweet in taste.


Malpua is a popular North Indian recipe made during festivals and special occasions. Prepared with maida and semolina, this is a quick dessert recipe that you can make for your loved ones. These small pancakes are fried.

So, it’s time to get drenched in colours, fill our tummies with mouth-watering yet mindful choices and leave worries and calories on a different continent. Have a happy & healthy Holi!