Twitter starts testing prototype app, twttr with new features

Last Updated: Mar 13 2019 17:22
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Twitter is testing its new prototype application called “twttr” to experiment with new features aimed at making conversations on the platform easier.

Twitter Support tweeted on Monday, inviting users to help them review test features, "Our prototype app, 'twttr', launches to the first group of participants today. #LetsHaveAConvo about new features to build a better Twitter together,"

“Twttr,” as the prototype build is called, was created to give Twitter a separate space outside its public network to experiment with new ideas about how Twitter should look, feel and operate.

To make conversations appear chat-like, Twitter has also been considering a new round design for replies, CNET reported.

"Twitter says most participants in the prototype program will be English or Japanese speakers," CNET added.

According to a TechCrunch report, Twitter’s prototype app testing program is not for everyone but limited to a couple of thousands of English and Japanese speakers using an iPhone. The testing program is still open for users to sign up.