Crashed Ethiopian plane’s ‘black box’ of flight data, cockpit voice recorder found

Last Updated: Mar 11 2019 17:40
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According to the sources, the black box from the crashed Ethiopian Airlines flight that killed all 157 people on board has been found, according to the airline.

Ethiopian Airlines said in a statement on Monday that two devices — the cockpit voice recorder and the digital flight data recorder — were recovered from the crash site.

A digital flight data recorder, known as a "black box," records details from an aircraft's sensors. Data from a cockpit voice recorder also offers further clues.

A statement on the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)'s website said that the decision was partly based on similarities between the Ethiopian Airlines crash and the Lion Air crash.

Forensic experts from Israel had arrived to help with the investigation, said Ethiopian Airlines’ spokesman Asrat. Ethiopian authorities lead the investigation into the crash, assisted by the U.S., Kenya and others.

Safety experts cautioned against drawing too many comparisons between the two crashes until more is known about Sunday’s disaster.