Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Arrive Hand-in-Hand in Morocco

Last Updated: Feb 24 2019 11:04
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Arrive Hand-in-Hand in MoroccoThe pair are making only their third official overseas trip together, following visits to Dublin and a tour of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific last year.

The royal couple is set to have a busy few days with seven official engagements lined up.

They were also greeted by the British Ambassador to Morocco, Thomas Reilly, and his wife, Alix. The tour will also see them travel to the Atlas Mountains and the capital, Rabat.

The tour comes just days after Meghan celebrated her baby shower with friends in New York City. Harry also had a busy week, surprising a group of London school kids during their spring “half-term” holiday.

Meghan opted for a red dress to represent the Moroccan flag. The red background on the country’s flag represents hardiness, bravery, strength and valour.

Harry and Meghan will be staying privately at a royal residence as guests of King Mohammed VI.