United States Senators condemn human rights abuses in China

Last Updated: Oct 07 2018 15:04
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WASHINGTON- A bipartisan group of 18 powerful American lawmakers has denounced China's averred persecution of religious minorities and actions to limit free expression and practice of faith.

"The persecution of religious minorities at the hands of some Chinese government officials is wrong and must stop," Senator Chuck Grassley said Friday. 

"People, no matter where they live, should be able to freely express their religious beliefs. As we work with China on issues of trade and intellectual property, we need to also make fighting for religious liberty a central part of the United States' relationship with China," he said.

"From burning Bibles and demolishing Christian churches to the mass internment of hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims, the Chinese government is inflicting terror on its own people. The United States must condemn these egregious human rights abuses," he said. 

Senator Ted Cruz alleged that the Chinese Communist Party is persecuting millions of its own people because it fears religion. 

"It cannot abide an authority higher than the Party. Christians, Uighurs, Falun Gong practitioners, and many others live under threat of imprisonment, torture, and death. America must always stand for the free exercise of religion and I am proud to join Sen. Perdue and my colleagues in this effort," he said.