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The extremist group, Islamic State, ISIS has posted its first Spanish language video in which it has declared that it will take back the country's Iberian peninsula as part of its caliphate. 

The video was posted a week after the Barcelona terror attack, which was claimed by the Islamic State, in which at least 15 people were killed.

The footage shows two extremists referring to Al Andalus, what the Iberian peninsula of southwestern Europe was known as during five centuries of Muslim rule until the late 15th Century.

“Allah willing, Al Andalus will become again what it was, part of the caliphate. Spanish Christians, don’t forget the Muslim blood spilt during the Spanish Inquisition. We will take revenge for your massacre, the one you are carrying out now against Islamic State,” says a man in the video with his face visible. He speaks Spanish with an Arabic accent.

“If you can’t make the Hegira (journey) to the Islamic State, carry out jihad where you are, jihad doesn’t have borders,” the militant says.

The other militants, whose face was covered with only his eyes visible, is named in the video as Abu Salman Al Andalus.

“We hope that Allah accepts the sacrifice of our brothers in Barcelona. Our war with you will continue until the world ends,” he said.


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