Pigeon poops on politician talking about pigeon poop

Last Updated: Sep 18 2019 16:21
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In a rather hilarious case of irony, a politician who was talking about the menace of pigeon poop in his constituency got pooped on by a pigeon during the live interview.

Illinois 40th district state representative, Jaime Andrade, was talking with a CBS 2 reporter about the issue of pigeon poop that has plagued commuters in Chicago’s Irving Park CTA stop when suddenly one pigeon pooped on his head.

After comprehending what just happened, Andrade joked, “Oh, did I just get..? No, I didn’t. I did, didn’t I? That’s what happens to my constituents. They get sh** on all the time.”

Andrade later posted about the interview on his official Facebook page and asked everyone to watch it.