US Senator Kamala Harris proposes equal pay certification to reduce gender wage gap

Last Updated: May 20 2019 19:06
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On Monday, United States Senator, Kamala Harris, one of two dozen Democrats vying for the 2020 presidential nomination, proposed closing the gender pay gap by requiring companies to disclose pay data and secure an “equal pay certification” or be fined.

Harris’ proposal aims to shift the burden from workers, who now must prove pay discrimination by employers, to corporations, which would have to show they eliminated pay disparities between men and women doing work of equal value.

In 2017, full-time, year-round working women earned 80% of what male counterparts earned, the US Census Bureau says, and minority women earned even less.

At a college rally in Los Angeles on Sunday, Harris decried the pay gap between men and women. “This has got to end,” she said, to audience cheers.

Harris said her plan would incentivize corporations to close the pay gap, because “There will be penalties if they don’t.”