It’s a mistake to define films by opening weekend: Brad Pitt

Last Updated: Sep 20 2019 18:37
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HOLLYWOOD- Actor Brad Pitt says it is wrong to judge the success of a film on the basis of its opening weekend collection.

This year two of Pitt’s movies have created Oscar buzz- the first one is Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and the other one is space epic Ad Astra.

In an interview to GQ journalist Zach Baron, Pitt said, “And most of our films, which I feel is a mistake, get defined by the opening weekend. They’ll say it’s a hit or it’s a miss. But all of my favourite films, I found them well after the fact.”

Pitt’s The Assasination of Jesse James and Fight Club went on to achieve cult status among cinephiles a long time after their release.