Anthony Mackie opens up on being the new Captain America

Last Updated: Jun 19 2019 13:30
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HOLLYWOOD- Actor Anthony Mackie has for the first time opened up on being the new Captain America in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the end of Avengers Endgame, Steve Rogers aka Captain America passes his shield and mantle onto his partner Sam aka Falcon.

During a panel at Celebrity Fan Fest over the weekend, Mackie said he was informed about the big shift by Chris Evans (Captain America) himself.

"It was a cool moment, the fact that usually they sit you down, and it's Kevin Feige and all the producers and they're like, 'You're gonna do this.' But it was a cool moment that I got to learn it from one of my dear friends (Chris Evans), instead of somebody else.”

In the movie, Rogers goes back in time to live a happy life with his beloved Peggy Carter.