Boris Becker claims diplomatic immunity in bankruptcy case

Resham Gupta
Last Updated: Jun 15 2018 14:59

LONDON- Former tennis champion Boris Becker is claiming diplomatic immunity from bankruptcy proceedings, citing his appointment as a sports attache to the Central African Republic.

CAR made Mr Becker a sport and culture attache to the EU in April 2018.

Mr Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017 by Registrar Christine Derrett over the money he owed to private bank Arbuthnot Latham for the last two years. 

Mr Becker’s team said in his defence, “This means he cannot be subject to legal process in the courts of any country for so long as he remains a recognised diplomatic agent."

He said he was asserting diplomatic immunity to "bring this farce to an end" and stop "the gravy train for the suits".