Chandigarh Railway station's world class status is another bait

Aarzoo Gupta
Last Updated: Jun 14 2018 17:53

Looking at the plight of UT Railway station, it can be clearly seen how desperately the Railway Station needs a revamp, forget about the world class tag. While ministers have been making claims for a decade, the project is still in the files.

In the Parliamentary standing committee meeting held in April, it was decided that the tender of Rs 140 crore that had been floated by the Railways for modernisation of Chandigarh station will be opened on May 30. Another month is going to pass, no initiative has been taken.

Let’s not talk about the World class facility when the city railway station doesn’t not even have the basic facilities for passengers. The station currently has just one washroom for general category passengers and two for those with reserved seats; and that too in not very good shape. Lack of proper security has been a long impending issue with the UT railway station as there are no luggage scanners or checks. Even the metal detectors have gone missing from the entrance to the station. The CCTV cameras installed, usually under warranty for a maximum of five years, have not been replaced in nine years.

The basic facilities like ATMs, Cafeteria Lounge, Food stalls are missing. Amid this, before making tall claims over the world class facility, authorities need to check the ground situation.