Manchester United forward Anthony Martial wants to leave

Last Updated: Jun 14 2018 17:08

FOOTBALL- Manchester United forward Anthony Martial’s agent has informed that the 22 year old player wants to leave the club and move on.

Martial scored 11 goals in 45 appearances last season but did not get much chance to play after Alexis Sanchez arrived at the club in January.

Lawyer Philippe Lamboley said, “After thinking about all the factors and possibilities, Anthony wants to leave Manchester United. There are lots of factors, and right now it's too early to talk about them.

"I think that when United, the most powerful club in the world, do not find an agreement after eight months of negotiations then they do not really want to keep such an important player in their squad. That's why this decision has come - it's a well-thought-out decision.

"Everyone will have their opinion but I think he needs to resume his career. The time has come."

Martial still has a year left on his contract and United also have the option to extend it by another year.