Ireland turns to Indian priests to meet clerical shortage

Last Updated: Jun 13 2018 17:38

A Catholic bishopric in Ireland has appointed two priests from Kerala to address a shortage and the growing age of its clerical population.

The two priests included in the latest round of appointments announced by Bishop Fintan Monahan of Killaloe in southwest Ireland are Rev Francis Xavier Kochuveettil and Rev Rexon Chullickal, to be based in Shannon and Nenagh. 

The parish priest of Shannon, Father Tom Ryan, said over the weekend: “There are more (Indian priests) on the way. It is a sign of the times. This is history repeating itself but in reverse. “When Ireland had an over-supply of priests in the 1950s, Irish priests travelled across the world and there is an over-supply of priests in India right now and they are helping out here.”