Netflix to continue streaming Anthony Bourdain’s travel show

Last Updated: Jun 13 2018 15:59

TV- Streaming giant Netflix has announced that it will continue broadcasting Anthony Bourdain’s food and travel show “Parts Unknown” on popular demand.

Celebrity chef Bourdain, 61, committed suicide in Paris on June 8.

Parts Unknown was due to go off air on June 16 but Netflix extended the agreement in the wake of his death. The network said in a statement that the show will be available for streaming for months to come.

Bourdain had a very successful culinary career. Parts Unknown had premiered on CNN in 2013 and was currently in its 11th season. The show won five Emmy awards as well as a Peabody Award. Bourdain’s sudden death sent shock waves among his fans and many are blaming his girlfriend Asia Argento for his depression.