Guess co-founder quits over sexual assault claims

Last Updated: Jun 13 2018 14:01

BUSINESS- Paul Marciano, co-founder of American fashion brand Guess, is stepping down as chief executive chairman following complaints of sexual harassment against him.

Supermodel Kate Upton was the first to voice anger against him in February saying he sexually assaulted her. Later photographer Yu Tsai confirmed the claims.

In a statement, Guess said the allegations against Paul Marciano "included claims of inappropriate comments and texts, and unwanted advances including kissing and groping".

Though Guess said it was not able to corroborate a number of allegations against Marciano but it did find that he "exercised poor judgement in his communications with models and photographers".

Guess said: "Many of the allegations could not be corroborated. In some cases, no conclusion could be reached because the individuals either declined to be interviewed or provided insufficient information to the investigators. And, in other cases, the investigation found that credible accounts were given by both sides.”

Marciano will leave the company on 30 January 2019 when his current contract expires.