Rafael Nadal wins historic 11th French Open title

Last Updated: Jun 11 2018 12:05

TENNIS- Spaniard world number one Rafael Nadal cemented his ‘King of Clay’ legacy after clinching a record 11th French Open title on Sunday.

Nadal defeated Austrian Dominic Thiem 6-4 6-3 6-2.

After the win, Nadal commented on keeping up with Roger Federer, “Let me enjoy this title. I can’t be always thinking of more. Of course, I have ambition, I have passion for what I am doing, but I never have been crazy about all this kind of stuff.”

“You can’t be frustrated always if somebody have more money than you, if somebody have a bigger house than you, if somebody have more Grand Slams than you. You can’t live with that feeling. You have to do your way.”

“If you told seven or eight years ago that I will be here at 32 years old having this trophy with me again, I will tell you that is something almost impossible, but here we are.”

About his opponent Dominic, Nadal had some words of encouragement.

“I’m happy, he’s a good friend and one of these players the Tour needs and I’m sure you’ll win here in the next couple of years.”