Uganda imposes tax on social media usage

Last Updated: Jun 01 2018 17:38

KAMPALA- In an effort to raise revenue, Uganda has imposed a tax on the use of social media. Users will be charged 200 shillings ($0.0531) per day for services such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

The tax was passed on Wednesday. As per reports by Uganda Communications Commission, about 40 percent of Uganda’s 40 million people use the internet meaning the African country will generate $19 per year as revenue from the tax.

Mobile phone operators will levy tax on each SIM card used to access any of the targeted social media platforms.

Human rights advocates have denounced the tax saying it attempts to curtail the ever increasing central role of social media in political organizing.

“Data right now is essential in nearly every worker’s day to day business, a responsible government should be lowering its price not the opposite,” said Diana Taremwa, a charity worker in the capital Kampala.