Girl killed in botched carjacking in South Africa

Last Updated: May 29 2018 19:21

A 9-year-old Indian-origin girl was killed after being shot during a botched carjacking in South Africa, outraging the community members and igniting angry protests in Durban.

On Monday, Sadia Sukhraj, a grade four student from Chatsworth, was on her way to school with her father when 3 armed men allegedly accosted their car. 

In an ensuing chase, the abductors and community members shot at each other. The suspects later crashed the car near a park. 

The girl was found shot and critically wounded while one of the suspects descended out of the car dead.

Mahendra Lillkan, the chairperson of the local Crime Forum, said there had been a skewer in crime in the area in spite of community patrols at night.

“It seems that the criminals have now resorted to striking at soft targets, such as parents taking their children to school, as we have seen with this tragic incident.”