Ryan Reynolds wants a Marvel Cinematic Universe-Deadpool crossover

Last Updated: May 28 2018 13:03

HOLLYWOOD- Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds asked Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn point blank if ever the two franchises could crossover and Gunn's reply has sent many fans into frenzy.

Gunn simply replied, "Yes, please."

There's is a very high possibility that Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) will invite characters from other franchises. 

Disney chief Bob Iger previously referenced the possibility of the crossover when he told Variety, “Bringing Disney and Fox together will combine some of the world’s most iconic entertainment franchises.”

He had said, "(The deal) provides Disney with the opportunity to reunite the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Deadpool with the Marvel family under one roof and create richer, more complex worlds of inter-related characters and stories that audiences have shown they love."