Nicki Minaj cancels appearance on Ellen

Last Updated: May 24 2018 15:27

MUSIC- Rapper Nicki Minaj has cancelled her appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' after she was advised by her doctors to pull out.

She explained on Twitter: "I couldn't fly out to shoot Ellen. [Doctor's Orders]. I'm sad about that. There's an announcement I was going to make on Ellen. I'll make it tomorrow via social media instead. Love you."

Nikki, 35, is set to release a new album next month titled 'Queen'. The album is scheduled for a June 15 release.

She was supposed to make the delayed announcement on Thursday 3pm ET but that too was scrapped.

In response to a seemingly innocuous tweet, Minaj wrote: “Ok well why don’t I just scrap it altogether? No announcement. And another hiatus.”

She then again tweeted at night, "Tomorrow I’ll feel a lot better & I’ll have more energy to interact with you when I DO go live."