MM Singh Cheema appeals to President to remove Karnataka Governor

Last Updated: May 19 2018 21:05

Senior Trade Unionist and Permanent Invitee Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, Mr. MM Singh Cheema appealed to President of India to remove Governor of Karnataka Mr. Vaju Bhai Vala for overstepping his mandate and arbitrarily extending his discretion by ignoring the claim of largest coalition parties and inviting BJP to form the government which clearly had no majority.

Mr. Cheema said Governor Mr. Vaju Bhai Vala, a well-known former BJP office bearer and with RSS Background occupying a Constitutional post, acted in a partisan manner and had scant regard for democratic traditions as on being requested to grant 7 days to prove majority, he deliberately gave 15 days’ time to prove majority to Mr.BS Yeddurappa which was a clear indication of encouraging horse trading to prove majority.

Mr. Cheema further stated that Governor on being specifically instructed by Supreme Court of India, as per conventions, to have a senior most MLA as Pro-Tem Speaker, appointed a far junior person to the post who was earlier indicted by Supreme Court of India in his earlier term as speaker in Karnataka for arbitrary actions and inciting defection in MLAs.

Mr. Cheema stated, when Congress-Janta Dal United approached Supreme Court of India and in a mid-night hearing a 3 member bench considerably checked the arbitrary functioning of Governor by reducing the time to prove majority from 15 Days to 24 Hours, but still he played all tricks. This step of removing Governor will raise new benchmarks for functioning democracy and will restore the faith of people in democracy.