Use social media prudently- Vatican tells nuns

Last Updated: May 17 2018 16:26

The Vatican advised nuns in a set of guidelines issued after nuns in Spain protested on Facebook about the amnesty of five men condemned for gang rape that 'thou shalt not disturb your life' in a reverie of God with “noises, news, and words” on social media.

Issued on Tuesday, the guidelines included in a document titled Cor Orans (Praying Heart), advise nuns to use social media with “sobriety and discretion”, not only with regard to its contents but to the quantity of information.

Social media, it says, should be “at the service of formation for the contemplative life and necessary communication, and (should) not become occasions for wasting time or escaping from the demands of fraternal life in community, nor should they prove harmful for your vocation, or become an obstacle to your life wholly dedicated to contemplation”.

It adds that the use of means of communication for information or work can be allowed in a monastery “with prudent discernment, for common utility, according to the provisions of the Conventual Chapter contained in the community plan of life”.

“The nuns procure necessary information on the church and the world, not with a multiplicity of news, but knowing how to grasp the essential in the light of God, to bring it to prayer in harmony with the heart of Christ,” the document states.