Illegal running of Private drug de-addiction centres, Punjab government need to take a tough call (NewsNumber Exclusive)

Last Updated: May 17 2018 17:45

Punjab is battling a drug epidemic and how little the state administration cares about the issue becomes evident from the way the drug de-addiction centres are being managed. There have been inhumane activities going on in the rehabs. Recently, Centre has directed states to frame rules under the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 by July 7.

There are around 100 private drug de-addiction centres and around 90 rehabilitation centres in the private sector in Punjab. In the past, a survey has revealed that many of the centres have become a place for mental and physical torture in the name of de-addiction. Also, these drug de-addiction centres have been running illegally. The patients are not treated carefully despite paying heavy fees.

Punjab Government has decided to frame tough rules against the illegal running of such centres, the Government has decided to issue instructions to the drug de-addiction centres to either shape up or shut down the rehabs. Apart from this, the government need to take a tough action against the government rehabs which are running sans infrastructure and staff. Recently, a youth lost his life due to the untimely and improper treatment at the Governemnt Rehab centre in Mohali.